Kwe Kwe! Welcome to our online store!


Our regular hours are: Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm. Saturday 9 am – noon. Sunday – closed. Closed on civic holidays.

A note to explain an odd thing about the pricing on our website. Prices are generally based on one unit, most often a pound. Where there is more than one size per unit, the price displayed will show a minus sign in front of the amount to be deducted from the base unit price. For example, 1 pound of White sage is $40. Half a pound shows up as -$16, which is actually $40-16=$24. Once you get to the shopping cart, the value becomes apparent. It’s confusing and a bit frustrating and for that we apologize. Unfortunately it’s part of the programming that can’t be changed without switching to a whole new shopping cart software platform, which just isn’t in the budget for this year, so please bear with us!

Not all products make it to our website. Some items, such as Osha Root, are limited in supply and are offered first to regular customers who sign up to our mailing list. Click here to sign up. We rarely send out emails and will never give your email address to a third party.

Check out our events page and our FACEBOOK page to see where we’ll be next!

Chi migwetch for your patience and all your support!!


Thanks! Merci! Miigwetch! Wela’lin! Tiawenhk! Marci! Móran taing!
Karen Bisson

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