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Ceremonial Tobacco

Ceremonial Tobacco

Turtle Lodge Trading Post is Ontario's first and only distributor of ceremonial

50 g @ $7.08 + HST $0.92       = $ 8.00
100 g @ $13.27 + HST $1.50 = $15.00
250 g @ $26.55 + HST $3.45 = $30.00
500 g @ $48.67 + HST $6.33 = $55.00
1 kg @ $82.30+ HST $10.70 = $93.00


An individual may purchase up to a total of 3 kg per transaction without a permit. You cannot resell, or purchase and repackage to sell yourself unless you have the proper federal and provincial permits. Vendors who would like to resell whole leaf Tobacco specifically for ceremonial purposes are now required to have a dealer's permit. If you are interested in reselling ceremonial Tobacco please contact us and we can direct you to contacts within the ministry who are already familiar with this particular process.


PayPal and internet regulations currently prevent us from selling Tobacco online. Tobacco orders must be processed as follows:

1. To expedite your order we ask that you please email tobacco@turtlelodgetradingpost.ca and have the following information ready. Priority will go to emailed orders with complete information on hand:

2. If you have never purchased Tobacco from us please read this entire information page about our Tobacco. This page should answer most of your questions and help you prepare for receiving your order.

3. Check the prices and product sizes above and let us know the EXACT SIZE AND QUANTITY that you wish to order.

4. SHIP OR PICK UP? Let us know if you want it shipped, will be picking it up (by appointment only), or would like it brought to Kumik or Wabano or another event during our next visit. (See our Events tab for the schedule.) If you require shipping, note that shipping cost is extra and Tobacco must be sent via Canpar. Please send us your full shipping address including postal code so that we can calculate the cost. NOTE: Canpar charges an extra $5 for residential delivery.

5. OUR TOBACCO IS FOR CEREMONIAL PURPOSES AND IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO PERSONS 19 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER . If you have never ordered from us before and we don't know who you are, you must either be prepared to show us ID, or you must be a purchasing agent for an organization authorised to purchase Tobacco for ceremonial use, OR have an endorsement by an elder or organization who already purchases from us. If you do not have an endorsement, please fax (613-701-0274) OR attach a black and white scan of your ID to the email which shows that you are over 19 years, along with a statement that you will be using this Tobacco for ceremonial purposes. NOTE that your ID must have the same address as the shipping address, unless you are ordering on behalf of an organization. We reserve the right to refuse to sell our products to anyone for any reason.

6. PAYMENT: Please let us know how you plan to pay. Note that we prefer cash or e-transfer whenever possible to avoid costly credit card fees and help us keep our prices down. Note as of January 1, 2018, an additional 2.5% fee will apply to all credit card payments. If you must pay by credit card, please indicate the most convenient time to reach you by phone so that we can collect and process your credit card information. You may add any other products to your Tobacco order. Visit our website then let us know the exact items, sizes and quantities. You can order and pay for all your other items separately through the shopping cart on the website but it's actually easier for us if you just email us a list and we'll put it all together. On the other hand, it's probably easier for you to order other items through the website and place a separate order for the Tobacco. If you do this then be sure to let us know by writing a note in the note section to let us know that you want these items added to your Tobacco order. Select "pick up" as the delivery option because shipping will have to be calculated manually in order to add the extra weight and volume of the Tobacco and we'll calculate that when we process your Tobacco order. NOTE THAT WE DO NOT KEEP CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ON FILE, AND DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO CARD INFO USED THROUGH THE SHOPPING CART. You will have to provide us with your card information again over the phone.

7. Once we have all the above information, we will reply by email with a copy of your invoice and the amount due. Shipments and confirmation notices will be sent out once payment is collected.



Our Tobacco is purchased from Canadian certified organic farmers.


We are currently licenced to ship Tobacco to any Ontario address you provide, or you can arrange to pick it up. Note, we make monthly deliveries to some convenient locations in Ottawa. Check out our News and Events tab for more information. Although we cannot currently sell outside of Ontario, we are in the process of getting licenced for other provinces. If you'd like to stay informed, please sign up for our mailing list.


Turtle Lodge Trading Post has been in business since 2006 but only began carrying whole leaf organic Tobacco in 2015. This decision was not taken lightly. Our business began because of a real and growing need for high quality ceremonial medicines, particularly in the cities where many folks simply don't have the means to grow or harvest their own. For many years we chose not to resell Tobacco because of our personal spiritual beliefs in the sacredness of this medicine. But as we observed the continued use of chemical ladened mechanically shredded Tobacco in ceremony, we realized that something needed to be done. We found a source for whole leaf certified organic Tobacco grown in Ontario by a company who sells it primarily for commercial use. This company is very respectful of our ways. While we recognize that this is not traditionally grown, (see licencing issues below) this high grade certified organic Tobacco is currently the best that we can legally provide.


We sometimes get asked about obtaining pre-made Tobacco ties. The short answer is that we don’t sell them that way. My understanding is that people should make their own ties and this is why: Obtaining a Tobacco tie, versus making one yourself, creates a ceremonial disconnect that must be addressed. When there are large groups involved it's practical to have Tobacco to offer to the people to put their prayers into. This is especially important in these times when so many are waking up and are in need of that extra help. But sometimes not enough information is shared about why this is, and what Tobacco ties are for. If people are making ties in bulk, the person making those ties has an important responsibility. They should be offered Tobacco and given the specific reason why these ties need to be made so the person can pray over them as they are making them. It is a very important responsibility because theirs are the last hands to touch that most sacred of our medicines before it gets encased in fabric and tied off. This person should smudge, and offer Tobacco to the Creator themselves for guidance in this effort, and should focus and maintain as pure thoughts as possible when doing this exercise.


Due to government regulations, we are required to have several levels of permits in order to resell Tobacco, and we are only able to purchase Tobacco from growers who also have the required permits. There are currently no Aboriginal Tobacco growers with the requisite permits in Canada. Note: If you are an Aboriginal grower of traditional Tobacco and would like to aquire the necessary permits in order to sell your product please feel free to contact us at tobacco@turtlelodgetradingpost.ca and we'll do our best to help.


Your Tobacco will keep exactly as it is for many months, even years, under the right conditions. Note that as it ages, it will become drier, more brittle. (Note: For Tobacco offerings, this is great, but for use in the sacred pipe very dry Tobacco can be a bit harsh.) As with all dried herbs, keep it in a dark, dry place at room temperature. Take care to handle it either with gloves or with very dry hands. Preferably take it out of the plastic bag and store it in a glass or earthenware jug. For optimal storage, allow the Tobacco to dry out completely before bottling it.


Unlike most herbs, Tobacco is generally dried in such a way as to keep in a bit of the moisture. If you prefer it to crumble easier, then dry it further by simply leaving the bag open to air for a while, or spread it out it out on some cardboard in an airy dry place until it feels crispy. It doesn't take long. When it's ready, hold the stem firmly in one hand and strip the leaf with the other by clasping the base of the leaf firmly and pulling it up from the stem.


An amazing thing about whole leaf Tobacco is that you can re-hydrate it if you wish. This works best on leaves that are not too brittle. Simply mist the leaf with water, pat with a paper towel so its not too wet, wait, and repeat if necessary until it has reached the desired pliability. It's amazing how the Tobacco leafs absorbs water and becomes completely pliable again. So WHY would you want to do this? We have several customers who use Tobacco leaves for making sacred items and prayer fetishes. Once the Tobacco is hydrated, it can be shaped into all kinds of things: little canoes, flowers, animals, etc. which can then be incorporated into projects.


Freezing Tobacco has the advantage of holding whatever moisture is in it so it will generally come out of the freezer in the same condition it went in. Just take care that you store it properly after it comes out of the freezer as it may become moldy then if there is too much moisture. Freezing seems to increase the amount of moisture, or maybe how the moisture is distributed, a bit so just be aware of that.

Are green or white spots on my tobacco mold?

White spots on the leaves are a natural discoloration that is common with Virginia Flu cured Tobacco leaves. The spots are a concentration of the plants sugar and occur when the leaf is fully mature. In many growing circles, these spots are a farmer's clear sign that the Tobacco is ripe and ready to be picked. Some farmers will pick the leaves before the spots occur for aesthetic purposes, but others wait so that the leaf reaches its potential maturity.

Green spots on leaves are a natural discoloration that occurs during the curing process (Unless it is fuzzy and growing ON the leaf, which is more rare). This usually happens when there isn’t enough ample air flow to the leaves. This can be because the leaf was folded in on itself, or because it was in the middle of the bale. Discolorations are most common with cigarette Tobacco types, but you will occasionally find them on other Tobacco as well.

Our Tobacco is of very high grade and we have rarely seen any mold spots anywhere. Sugar concentrations can sometimes be mistaken for mold, but mold does occur from time-to-time. But don't be alarmed if you do find a tiny bit of mold on the stems. We are told this is normal, and is usually is contained to ONLY being on the main stem, but can also be on the leaf itself from time to time. Unless excessive, it can simply be washed off or can be cut around and discarded.


If you have any questions about our Tobacco products, please email tobacco@turtlelodgetradingpost.ca


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